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P&R Measurement Technology Co.,Ltd.Was founded in 2011, is national high and new technology enterprise, the headquarters is located in zhuhai doumen district Bai Jiao science and technology industrial park.Based on the core team for many years in the engineering signal processing, acoustic/vibration fatigue test and analysis, structure analysis, structure/neighborhood professional and technical advantages, such as machine condition monitoring as customers with a variety of custom and semi custom engineering testing and data processing equipment and testing and finite element simulation analysis of engineering consulting services.

     Especially in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, home appliances, motor, engineering machinery, bridge and tunnel, etc, with the accumulation of mature industry and good reputation of the industry.
In the increasingly mature engineering test system development and design, on the basis of simulation application, lean and control rely on automation equipment development many years of accumulation, the advanced technology accumulated from the lab to the automation of industrial production line, mature solution covers from product development to production line production, until the offline testing the whole production cycle.

With the development of the company, now in addition to headquarters in zhuhai, the company set up r&d centers in guangzhou, and in suzhou branch offices, fujian, shandong, the technical service for domestic and foreign customers provide the most direct.